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ENGLAND – Usain Bolt has aspiration of playing soccer and he’s setting his sights on one of the best teams!

What do Usain Bolt and Manchester United have in common? Well for now, greatness is about it. Bolt has become one of the greatest sprinters in history. United is one of the – if not the – greatest team in world. However, if it’s up to Bolt, the two will have a lot more in common in the future.

The three-time Olympic gold medalist feels as though he’s good enough to play professional soccer and United is his team of choice. Bolt spoke of his aspirations in his autobiography – set to be released on Thursday.

“Ideally, if I was to play football, I’d sign for my favorite team – Manchester United,” he writes. “People say it’s not realistic but nobody has seen me play so you never know. If Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson saw me in one of those charity matches he might think I could replace United midfielder Ryan Giggs.”

Manchester United is the joint most successful club in the history of English football – tied with Liverpool. Usain Bolt seems to win anything and everything he competes in. It would appear to be a match made in heaven. But all of this is just speculation and we would have to wait and see if the Jamaican sprinter actually pursues his dream.

There is no doubt that in the world of soccer, speed is revered. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are two of the greatest players in soccer today and speed is on their calling card. Bolt’s speed and celebrity status would certainly get him a tryout somewhere. Whether he has skills or not, remains to be seen.