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LOS ANGELES, CA – Lance Armstrong is not happy with a magazine and their choice of cover!

Lance Armstrong is gracing the cover of the upcoming Outside magazine issue. He’s graced the cover of the magazine eight times, so one would think that the two have a good relationship. At least that’s what Armstrong thought but Outside magazine threw him a curveball with their depiction of him on the upcoming issue.

The seven-time Tour de France champion appears on the cover of the magazine’s July issue wearing a blue T-shirt that reads “38. BFD.”. The number is a reference to Armstrong’s age and the letters are an acronym that stands for “big [expletive] deal.” Armstrong’s problem with the cover lies in the fact that he never wore that shirt and he’s a little dumbfounded as to why that was photoshopped in.

For some strange reason, Outside magazine thought it would be a good idea to digitally alter the photo to include the “38. BFD.” on the shirt. The cover also includes a note on the bottom that states the shirts isn’t actually Armstrong’s shirt. There really seems to be no point for the addition of the acronym and it leaves a little to be desired. They could have at least come up with a better slogan to photoshop onto the T-shirt.

Armstrong made his feelings known about the cover over Twitter. He has every reason to be upset with Outside magazine. Not only did the two have a good relationship, but they added a cheap gag on his T-shirt and had the audacity to question if the end of his career is near.

There’s a good chance that Outside magazine may have ruined a good thing and one of the world’s best known figures may have graced their magazine for the last time.