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NEW YORK, NY – A recently jailed athlete fumbled some of his privileges in prison!

Plaxico Burress wishes he could do that night in the club again and perhaps he could be catching some touchdowns. He also wishes he could have that conversation over with the guard at Oneida Correctional facility so he didn’t have his recreational privileges suspended for a month.

According to the NY Post, prison reports show that Burress lied to a guard and told him that he had permission to use his cell phone to call his attorney. The guard took his word for it, but Burress had pulled a fast one on him. The prison was less than pleases and in addition to his revoked recreational perks, Burress lost his cell phone rights for seven days.

It should be noted that Burress is in the protective-custody wing of the facility which means he has little interaction with anyone besides a guard. Recreation time or “recess” is important time for the once fabled football star and the prison hit him where it hurts. Another day, another lesson learned.