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NEW YORK, NY – Former boxing champion Mike Tyson has pulled off another head-scratching move!

Mike Tyson is no stranger to headlines and media attention. First he bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear. Then he got a very interesting tattoo – on his face. His next move, although not as drastic, is still interesting. Tyson will star in an upcoming animal planet show that features pigeon racing.

The well chronicled tiger enthusiast will be showing his appreciation for a more docile animal. The show is “Taking on Tyson” and it will showcase amateur pigeon racer Tyson against serious competitors, according to the Associated Press.

We here at WWN don’t know what’s funnier. That Tyson is actually on this show or that there are actually “serious” pigeon racers. We’re going to go ahead and say that they are both equally humorous.

Apparently, Tyson has had a love of birds his whole life and a source says that he actually got in his first fight in defense of the winged animals.

“Tyson’s passion for his pigeons takes my breath away,” Animal Planet Media President Marjorie Kaplan said. “To rear, train and race pigeons – or ‘homers’ – requires dedication and tenderness. For many pigeon racers, these avian athletes are the king of the bird world. Their intelligence, spirit, titanic bonders of loyalty and astounding homing ability sets them apart from other birds,” Kaplan added.

On the edge of our seats doesn’t even begin to describe our feelings towards this show. Let the race begin!