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Having “liberated the Hawaiian people from imperialist Western rule” and stolen Obama’s home state, Kim Jong Il is hailed as a hero throughout Southeast Asia, and an excited South Korea begs to rejoin the north, according to the plan.

After warning that any attempt to retake Hawaii will result in the mass slaughter of all civilians, North Korea – now just “Korea” – arranges a cease-fire with the United States, which has no choice but to accept.

For four years, there is peace as average Americans forget that the far-off islands were ever part of the States. But in 2013, in a lightning sneak attack, battleships seized from U.S. naval bases in Hawaii and manned by Korean troops arrive on America’s Pacific coast and launch a full-scale ground invasion. Two million Korean fighers overrun America and within three weeks, Korea occupies the United States all the way to the Rockies.


Another cease-fire is declared, this one establishing a border at the Rockies dividing West America – occupied by Korea – from East America.

California, Oregon, Washington and the rest of the West are divided into 12 provinces of the Korean Empire, each ruled by a warlord.

The new “native Americans” are forced to speak Korean and will “enjoy benefits of the communist system,” according to the plan. Dissidents are to be put on reservations similar to those that house Indians today, but harsher.

But even that doesn’t satisfy Kim Jong Il’s insatiable lust for power.

“The economy of Eastern America is to be systematically undermined, until it is as weak as possible. Meanwhile, a breeding campaign maximizes the population of Western America,” according to the plan.

Within 18 years, a final attack is launched in which invaders pour down from the Rockies and “unite East and West America under the rule of the Korean empire.”

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