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UPDATE – Several priests from around the country are voicing their skepticism at Obama converting to Catholicism for 24 hours.

Many believe that considering his history of supporting stem cell research and gay right, he needs to convert for at least a week to show is seriousness.  Bishop O’Malley of Boston says, “Converting for one day is absurd!  If it was a week, and he led a youth group outing, then maybe.”

However President Obama remains unfazed by the skepticism. His world-famous charm is expected to win over any disbelievers before the crucial day.

March 25, 2009

NOTRE DAME, IN -Notre Dame is under fire for inviting Barack Obama to give their commencement speech this year.

Catholics across the country are upset that Obama will be speaking at a Catholic university when some of his policies are not in keeping with their ideals.  As a compromise President Obama has offered to convert to Catholicism for a day.

“The President hopes a one day conversion will help him better understand a different perspective that many Americans come from” said one aide while cornered in a bathroom stall.

On May 22nd the President will be baptized as a Catholic at pre-dawn mass.  Insiders from the President’s bible study class confirm he will be named after Saint Benedict the Asthmatic, patron saint of world leaders and mental illness.

The rest of his tentative itinerary is as thus:

7:00am – Second Mass to ring in the Dawn

8:00am – Holy Eucharist

9:00am – Conference call with treasury department

10:00am – Midmorning Mass

11:00am – Update with Generals on war effort

12:00pm – Patron Saint Bingo

12:30pm – Light Lunch

1:00pm – Midday Mass followed by Bible Sparring with Cardinal Newson

2:00pm – Commencement Speech

5:00pm – Quick Nap

6:00pm – Visit children in the cancer wing of Friar Tuck’s Memorial Hospital

7:00pm – Quick Dinner

7:30pm – Hug it out with Senate conservatives

8:00pm – Evensong Mass

9:00pm – Respectfully renounce the Catholic Church

9:15pm – Flight back to Washington DC

Some traditional Catholic leaders are threatening to boycott the commencement despite President Obama’s effort to compromise.  But even their own diocese seem to not care as seats are quickly filling up to play Patron Saint Bingo with the President.