NOTRE DAME, IN -Notre Dame is under fire for inviting Barack Obama to give their commencement speech this year. Catholics across the country are upset that Obama will be speaking at a Catholic university when some of his policies are not in keeping with their ideals.  As a compromise President Obama has offered to convert to Catholicism for a day.

“The President hopes a one day conversion will help him better understand a different perspective that many Americans come from” said one aide while cornered in a bathroom stall.

On May 22nd the President will be baptized as a Catholic at pre-dawn mass.  Insiders from the President’s bible study class confirm he will be named after Saint Benedict the Asthmatic, patron saint of world leaders and mental illness.

The rest of his tentative itinerary is as thus:

7:00am – Second Mass to ring in the Dawn

8:00am – Holy Eucharist

9:00am – Conference call with treasury department

10:00am – Midmorning Mass

11:00am – Update with Generals on war effort

12:00pm – Patron Saint Bingo

12:30pm – Light Lunch

1:00pm – Midday Mass followed by Bible Sparring with Cardinal Newson

2:00pm – Commencement Speech

5:00pm – Quick Nap

6:00pm – Visit children in the cancer wing of Friar Tuck’s Memorial Hospital

7:00pm – Quick Dinner

7:30pm – Hug it out with Senate conservatives

8:00pm – Evensong Mass

9:00pm – Respectfully renounce the Catholic Church

9:15pm – Flight back to Washington DC

Some traditional Catholic leaders are threatening to boycott the commencement despite President Obama’s effort to compromise.  But even their own diocese seem to not care as seats are quickly filling up to play Patron Saint Bingo with the President.

17 thoughts on “NOTRE DAME SCANDAL”

  1. you are kidding, right….tell me this is a joke and this isn't going to happen…..baptize obma for a day? that is the most outrages thing i ever heard! they are making a mocary out of the catholic faith. and then have him renounce the faith…..thats already done by his pro-abort actions. what priest thought up this dum idea? must be from hell…
    i'll pray for your conversions…..

  2. ditto hank colling's remarks!
    The 'tradition' of ND's invitations to U.S. presidents should include the tradition that U.S. presidents are bona fide U.S. citizens who traditionally are not trying to dismantle our country and turn it into a socialist state.

  3. Please, rethink this action. Have you prayed about this and what your decision means to the faithful Catholics?
    RCIA isn't a one day thing. If President Obama is "Catholic" for one day and those Baptizing him know that he will denounce Catholicism that night, that is wrong. More wrong on your part than President Obamas. That's not conversion. He still holds the same belief system, pro-abortion. Will he also change all the documents he signed allowing our nation to murder of our unborn? If he will convert and become PRO-LIFE after the day is over, then invite him.
    Is this agenda real? Patron Saint Bingo? I've been a Catholic for all my 55 years and never played Patron Saint Bingo. There's more to being a Catholic than playing Bingo! Does he want to know about the teachings of the Catholic Church or you just trying to show him a good time?

  4. I am so saddened with this new element. I am a convert to Catholicism so I KNOW what it means to go through conversion. You can't do it in one day… and it's a life-long learning ever after! It means CHOOSING to follow the church Christ built, honoring His teachings and wanting to amend your life to be the kind of person Jesus wills us to be. I would never go into another's church and say I want to be a "Morman", "Jew", "Lutheran" (or any other faith) for a day. That is making a mockery of that faith. Such a sad day.

  5. Obama should not have been invited to the commencement exercises at Notre Dame. It is like the school is looking the other way in regards to Obama's policies on abortion etc. They should be ashamed. The school should be ashamed to call itself a Catholic University. I don't care if they have egg on their face, they should politely rescind the invite to him.What a joke !!!!!!

  6. Just read that Newt Gingrich converted to Catholicism and is running in 2012.
    Newt converted full-time not just for one day like Obama.
    Let him speak instead.
    Newt will be our next president!

  7. Inviting the devil himself to speak at the commencement in Notre Dame and hoping to convert him for a day is ludicrous. Is this the return of Judas? Why are you giving Obama a honorary certifacate of graduation when he hasn't earned it? Even for a day! Fr. Jenkins you should know better. What is your game plan. How can a man (President Obama) who with one side of his mouth proclaims abortion as a choice ans condones it. And with the other side say he Christian (Catholic for a day). This is a new one. You can't be a Christian (nor a Catholic) for a day and be in favor of abortion. This is not human. So what belief or ruling has been changed here? In the Pope going to validate this ludicroustic act? I certainly hope not. God forgive you all.

  8. Inviting the devil himself to speak at the commencement in Notre Dame and hoping to convert him is ludicrous. Is this Judas returned? Why are you giving him a certificate of graduation when he hasn't earned it? Even for a day. Fr. Jenkins you should know better. What is your game plan? How can a man (Obama) who with one side of his mouth proclaims abortion as a choice and condones it and with the other side say he's Christain or Catholic even for a day? This is a new one. You can't be Christian let alone a Catholic and be in favor of abortion. This is not human. So what belief or ruling has changed here? Is the Pope going to validate this Ludicroustic act? I certainly hope not. God forgive you all.

  9. I'am appalled that a catholic college would stoop so low below their apparent lack of moral values and spiritual values and baptize a man who will at the end of the day reject it publically and drag down the beautiful Catholic Church which Christ sacrificed his life for. It's a sacrilige, what you are doing. I object totally and hope you the alumni will reconsider this whole side show related to the day Barack Obama comes to the campus.

    • The track ND must take is to first filter and approve what the President is goIng to say AT THE BARACK OBAMA day on May 22nd.

  10. Frank Garcia. . . . .

    It's a sad day, when notre dame has to invite a committed pro-abortion person to speak!
    It's that the best you can do. . .Mr. John Jenkins? Or were you given some "stimulus" money
    to betray your church? Is this your idea of a joke? You ought to be fired from your job. . . .
    the sooner, the better

  11. wow obama just won't stop to ridicule everyone huh? geez one day as a catholic….because that is SUCH an insight to another culture/religion, are you serious?! your job is to make things right not piss people off non the less ridicule them in front of millions!!!!! and for actually going through with it is a load of crap! crap i tell you CRAP!!!! ugh, i apologize to God and to all other catholics that will be mocked on May 22nd, God bless, and pray that those with common sense stay catholic for more than one day….oh and whlie we're at it let's all play PATRON SAINT BINGO!!!! geez give me a break huh?

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