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WASHINGTON, DC -Obatma’s visit to see his half-brother Barack Obama was shot down by an overzealous security guard.

President-Elect Obama and his family are staying at the prestigious Hay-Adams Hotel until he is sworn in and can move into the White House.  His famous half-bat half-brother, Obatma, arrived in Washington today to visit his newfound relatives, but was denied access to the premises.

It is unclear why hotel security stopped the boy, and insiders are furious at what appears to be blatant discrimination. A hotel guest heard the security guard telling Obatma, “Take your pointy ears and get lost!”

Barack Obama has offered to put his brother up in a hotel nearby, including promises of ice cream and time with the family to ease tensions.

Obatma has yet to comment officially, but was last seen with Richard Buress who also denied entry to the Senate today.  The two were seen sulking outside of a Dairy Queen, drowning their sorrows in chocolate milkshakes.