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Mitt Romney, will be competing in the Olympics in London this summer – on the U.S. Bodyboarding Team.

Republican candidate for President, Mitt Romney got some good news over the weekend. He’s officially made the U.S. Bodyboarding Team and will be competing this summer in the London 2012 Olympics.

How can Mitt compete in the Olympics and run for President at the same time?

“No problem, for Mitt.  He’s wrapped up the Republican nomination and he will only have to be in London for one week.  He can do it all,” said Romney’s senior campaign adviser, Eric Fehrnstrom.  “He’s like an etch-a-sketch.  He can be a candidate one minute, then you shake him up and he’s an Olympics athlete.”

Barack Obama was not impressed with Romney’s selection to the team.  “I’ve been a pretty damn good bodyboarder my whole life. Besides, I look better in a bathing suit than Mitt,” the President reportedly said.

Mitt Romney had no response to the President.  He was busy in La Jolla, California this weekend, working out with his bodyboard:

This is the first year that “bodyboarding” is an Olympic sport.  Romney plan on “taking home the gold” and then “hanging it the wall in the White House in January.”

He carried the torch then, and plans to carry the torch in London.

Romney is known in “bodyboarding” circles as Mr. Steady.  “The guy never falls off.  It’s a miracle.  No matter how hard a wave crashes on him, he never lets go of his board.”

Romney will not be the only politician competing in Olympic Bodyboarding. Vladimir Putin will be on the Russian team.