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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Mitt Romney has added “Woman” by John Lennon to his official campaign playlist.

After releasing the playlist, called “On The Road,” Romney was inundated with criticism for selecting only one song by a female. The song, “All-American Girl,” was a huge hit for Carrie Underwood in 2007. It’s about a man who wants a son, but finds a way to be happy when a girl arrives instead. Romney has five sons and no daughters.

Other artists on the original country-heavy playlist include The Killers, The Beach Boys, Roy Orbison, Toby Keith, Willie Nelson and Clint Black.

Romney announced the addition of “Woman” at a campaign stop in Alabama this morning. “It’s a beautiful song and I dedicate it to my beautiful wife Ann. She even found the time to make my favorite meatloaf cakes for my birthday yesterday. God Bless you Ann! And God Bless America!”

On The Road Playlist

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