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ST. PAUL, MN – The Lizard People have come forward to officially cast their vote for Al Franken.

In a much publicized gaffe, a vote was issued for Franken with “Lizard People” in the write-in candidate section.

A representative of the Lizard People, a reptilian humanoid race that lives far below the surface of the earth, has come forward.  At a press conference this morning, he stated that his people wish to officially cast their vote for Al Franken.

In an electoral battle that has come down to a margin of roughly one dozen, every vote counts.  This vote brings Franken one precious step closer to a razor thin victory.

Attempts by Norm Coleman to have the ballot disqualified for typographical errors were annulled by the state canvassing board.

At the conference Franken said, “This is a good day, not only for human/reptoid relations, but for democracy.”

The Lizard People are issued one collective vote in Minnesota for local and national elections, a practice which dates back to the landmark 1893 case Lizard People vs Minnesota Board of Education. Reptoids were struck from all educational materials in exchange for one vote, mineral rights and several tons of live crickets.