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ORLANDO, FL – Newt Gingrich declared himself the clear winner of the Florida primary.  

Internal polls by the Gingrich camp show that the former Speaker of the House won the Republican primary in Florida with 43% of the vote.  Romney got 31%, Santorum 14% and Ron Paul received 12%.

The Gingrich camp says that any reports of Romney winning the contest mean that the Romney has committed voter fraud in Florida and used the media to help convince the public that Gingrich did not win.

“Our internal exits polls show that Newt was the clear winner.  Also, many votes were counted by last night and Newt was the clear leader.  The Republican ‘elites’ don’t want Newt to win and they are doing everything – legal and illegal – to ensure that he doesn’t,” said a source close to the Gingrich camp.  “If Romney is declared the winner, we plan to sue the State of Florida and take it all the way to the Supreme Court.”

“We were dead in June and July,  but we came roaring back,” Gingrich said at a rally  Tuesday morning in Tampa.

The former House speaker, who has pledged to fight on until the GOP convention this summer, faced a tough battle in Florida, but was thrilled that he pulled it off.

“We road a big wave of  enthusiasm to win Florida and we will take it to all the other primaries, then to the convention and then I will defeat Barack Obama and… I will rule the world,” Gingrich reportedly told insiders.

Gingrich reportedly ramped up his negative advertisements last night.  In various ads he called Romney “a crook”, “a thief”, “an embezzler”, “a grave robber”, “a burglar”, “a wife beater”, “a counterfeiter”, and a “bedwetter.”   In one ad Gingrich called Romney “satan incarnate”.

There are seven elections in February, which kicks off with Nevada’s caucuses Saturday. That will be followed by contests next week in Colorado, Minnesota and Maine as well as a non-binding primary in Missouri. A 17-day break will be capped by primaries in Arizona and Michigan on Feb. 28.

The schedule benefits a candidate, like Romney, with deep pockets and a sophisticated ground game able to compete on multiple fronts at once. Gingrich, who failed to even get on the ballot in his home state of Virginia for the March 6 Super Tuesday primary, plans to “destroy” Romney in all those states.

WWN tried to contact the Republican Party in Florida to confirm Gingrich’s claim to victory, but they did not return our calls.   There are insiders in Florida, however, that told WWN that this was another “hanging chad” election.

What is truth in Florida? Hmmm…