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LITTLE ROCK, AR – Bill Clinton wants to be President again and thinks The Constitution should be amended so he can run in 2012.

Former President Bill Clinton made a speech at The Clinton Library in Little Rock Arkansas.  He was dedicating a bridge built on the  library property.  The former President gave a long speech and at the end he shocked the audience by saying he wants to run for President as the Democratic Nominee in 2012 and he wants the country to amend the Constitution in order to do so.

Clinton told the crowd that eight years is not enough time to get things  done.  He feels that the second term is always a lame duck term and that certain Presidents – like himself – should be allowed to serve three terms.

“When they passed the 22nd Amendment in 1947, people did not live as long.  Today, President’s are healthier than ever and if we have a good one in the Oval Office, we should keep him there for at least 12 years,” Clinton told the crowd.

Clinton is going to speak to Congressional leaders to see if they can get the Amendment wheels in motion.  “I know I can save this country, if the people would just put me back in office.  The last time we had a surplus I was President. I can do it again.”

So, he plans on challenging Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination?

“No comment at this time,” Clinton said.

Insiders, however, are saying that Barack Obama will forgo running for a  second term and step aside.  That will leave an opening for Bill Clinton – or his wife!

“There may be one scenario in which Bill Clinton will run against  his wife Hillary for the Democratic nomination,” said Doug Schoen, Democratic  Pollster and longtime Clinton friend.

James Carville, Clinton’s fiery campaign advisor, said that he would sign on “in a heartbeat” to help Clinton win the nomination and the Presidency.  “If he runs, there isn’t a Republican on this planet that will  be able to win even one state,” said Carville.

Many Democrats feel that Clinton was the greatest President of the 20th Century, and perhaps the greatest President of all time.  So many are getting excited about a third term for Bill Clinton.

“Bill Clinton was our first black President,” said Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  “The Congressional Black Caucus would support Bill Clinton over Barack Obama – unanimously.”

Things could get very interesting in 2012.