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NEW YORK – Representative Anthony Weiner’s unborn child was conceived online.

Alexandra Sklanski, Weiner’s former campaign manager, confirmed that Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin are expecting a child early next year.

Somewhat more shocking is the revelation that Weiner and Abedin’s child is the first successful virtual pregnancy. The couple had been participating in an exclusive online conception program for over a year. A few weeks ago, they learned that Abedin had actually become pregnant.

Most medical professionals deem the controversial cyber-sex technology, which enforces a strict regimen of prescribed postings, experimental.

Yuri Valdivia, the head of research at Fertilización Virtual Cubano, which developed the conception technology, declined to give specifics of the couple’s pregnancy. Valdivia would not clarify whether she was impregnated by the company’s Twitter or Facebook platform.

Valdivia explained, “I can tell you that they used both Twitter and Facebook in their efforts to conceive a child. They’re consummate professionals, and took their efforts at parenthood very seriously. I’m not at liberty to share the details, but I can tell you they were very dedicated participants. If anyone was going to get pregnant online, it was this couple. I’m very happy for them.”