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SANTIAGO, Chile –Chile’s smitten President Sebastian Pinera professed his undying love to Michelle Obama on Monday.

President Obama had a bigger problem to deal with than Libya yesterday.  The President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, was hitting on his wife!

“I think the first lady of the U.S. is very, very good-looking,” Pinera declared during a joint news conference with Obama in Santiago midway through Obama’s Latin American tour.  “I want to announce to the people of Chile, to the people of the United States and to the world that I am in love with Michelle Obama and I want her to be my wife.”

According to Pinera, the sentiment was mutual. “President Obama has said the same about the first lady of Chile.”

Here are the two women, strutting their stuff for their two frisky husbands:

Obama didn’t elaborate on either first ladies’ appearance – at least not in public.  But, in private, Pinera and Obama discussed how they could do the wife swap without causing an international crisis.

The two men huddled for several hours.  Pinera reportedly told Obama that if they couldn’t do a full wife swap, then perhaps they could just do a one-night deal like in his favorite movie, Indecent Proposal.  Pinera said he would give Obama one million dollars for one night with Michelle.

Obama, never one to make a quick decision, said he would get back to Pinera “in a few days.”

Closing out their news conference at La Moneda Palace, Pinera reeled off a list of things the two leaders have in common: Both are left-handed; both studied at Harvard; both are “sportsmen,” as Pinera said through a translator. “And we both love Michelle.  She’s hot!!”

The personal coincidences couldn’t hurt the presidents’ mutual goal of strengthening relations between their two countries and their wives.

“Modestly, if I could suggest to President Obama, we hope to have a long-term partnership,” said Pinera, while winking at Michelle.