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WASHINGTON, DC –  WH Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, resigned today because  Michelle Obama was not happy that he leaked information about her pregnancy.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says it’s been a “remarkable privilege” to be President Barack Obama’s top spokesman, “even when you wake up at 4 and pick up the paper and groan.”

But Michelle Obama is happy to see him go.  She was extremely unhappy that he leaked the news of her new pregnancy.  WWN broke the story on Sunday, January 2nd.


Gibbs forgot the Golden Rule of the White House:  ‘You do not want to get Michelle upset.”

Today Gibbs announced his departure from the White House by telling reporters that “I would not trade the worst days here for many of the best days at another job.”  Clearly, this is one of the worst days.

Gibbs leaked the information about Michelle Obama’s pregnancy to the major news outlets, including WWN, and was reprimanded by both Michelle Obama and Barack Obama.   The White House is now officially denying that Michelle Obama is pregnant, but WWN spoke with Michelle Obama’s doctor today and he confirmed that she is expecting a baby boy next July.

“Michelle Obama is pregnant,” said Dr. Michael D’Alessandro of John Hopkins Medical Center. “The baby is healthy and the parents are both thrilled about having another baby.”

Gibbs originally said he will leave the podium after the upcoming State of the Union address — but Michelle Obama already had his office packed up.  “He’ll be in Chicago by tomorrow morning,” said the temporary White House Press Secretary, Jonell Markum.

In a written statement, President Obama hailed Gibbs as “a close friend, one of my closest advisers and an effective advocate from the podium.” But he felt “sad” that Gibbs would temporarily “lose his mind” and reveal Michelle’s pregnancy to the public.  “He wasn’t thinking,” said President Obama.

Gibbs was Obama’s spokesman during the 2008 presidential campaign, having joined the future president’s team when Obama ran for U.S. Senate in 2004.

The Alabama-born Gibbs is a vocal supporter of Auburn University who shares Obama’s enthusiasm for sports.  But Auburn has distanced itself from Gibbs since he “tattled” on Michelle Obama.  “That ain’t something an Auburn Tiger would do,” said Auburn President, Jeb Stuart.

And for the record… Michelle Obama is still pregnant.