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NEW YORK – Obama sings with Jon Stewart’s F.U. Choir on Comedy Central’s “Daily Show” tonight.

President Obama will be the first president to appear on Comedy Central’s “Daily Show”, appearing just days before crucial midterm elections that could reshape his presidency.

White House staff and audience members were shocked to see President Obama sing with Jon Stewart’s F.U. Choir during the taping.  Stewart and Obama were talking about the Tea Party and how the Republicans could take control of the House and the Senate and then… music came on and the choir stepped onto the stage.  The President grabbed a microphone, dedicated the song to Republicans and Tea Party Patriots and sang…  “Go F*&^ Yourself” over and over again.

The audience loved it, but several White House staffers, and Secret Service agents, went into cardiac arrest.

The President loved singing the song and vowed to reprise it on the campaign trail this weekend.  NPR is also going to release a recording of the song with the title “Forget You.”

The President also busted out his car analogy again on the show.  “These Republicans, they’re like drunk drivers who totaled the car and now they want the car back so they can go get some booze and then drive onto a highway going the wrong way and cause all sorts of destruction.”

“Why would I give the car keys back to crazy people like that?  They’re the ones that drove the car off a bridge and let the trapped passengers drown.  What we need to do is ban them from driving forever and get them into rehab.  That’s what we oughta do!”

“The president isn’t shy about going to the places where people are getting their information and trying to make his case,” the White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, told reporters Tuesday. “And he loves singing with choirs.  He sang in Reverend Wright’s choir for five years.”

The President is a baritone, though he can sing tenor or even in the alto range – it just depends on how much money he raises at a given function.

Make sure you watch the Daily Show tonight on Comedy Central… You do NOT want to miss this!!