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WASHINGTON  –  Meghan McCain announced on ABC’s “This Week” that she is a witch.

John McCain ‘s outspoken daughter, who previously rocked the boat in the Republican party over her support for gay rights and her jabs at Sarah Plain took to ABCs “This Week” to slam Christine O’Donnell.”

“She’s a nutjob.  First, she claims she is a witch, then she says she’s not a witch.  She doesn’t know what she is,” said McCain.

Then she surprised everyone on the This Week panel when she said, “I know for a fact that Christine O’Donnell is NOT a witch because I AM a witch.”

McCain then pulled out her magic broom to show to everyone.   Several flying monkeys ran across the stage – and then disappeared.

But McCain continued ranting about O’Donnell:  “She is making a mockery of running for public office,” McCain said. “She has no real history, no real success in any kind of business.  And she couldn’t make a potion to save her life.”

McCain, 26, says O’Donnell is not just unqualified but a bad role model, telling ABC the message she “witches get a bad enough rap, and it really hurt us when she first claimed to be a witch.”

Many in the Tea Party were not surprised that McCain was a witch.  “I know she was a bitch, but now I know that she’s a witch too.  Either way, I wish she would just fly away on her broom back to the dung hole she flew out of,” said Tea Party Patriot,  Moira Kelly of St. Louis.

Ann Coulter, who has McCain once called “offensive” and “insulting” had this to say,  “Can somebody please pour some hot water on her!”

McCain said she is working on a potion that will turn O’Donnell into a donkey.  “I think that would be really cool.  I’m cool and everything I do is cool, so that will be really a cool thing to do.  I should have the potion ready by tonight.”

Meghan’s father, Senator John McCain said,  “I always knew Meghan was a witch.  She used to sit up in her room every night killing frogs and decapitating her dolls.  She was such a cute girl.”

McCain also has called the Tea Party racists.  She denies being paid by George Soros and the Democratic National Committee but WWN can confirm that she receive over $5 million so far this year to pretend to be a Republican.

“She’s been great for us,”  said Howard Dean.  “She’s got everybody fooled.  And now this witch stuff is great.  She’s working on a lot of potions, including one we love – it’s called Voter Fraud.”

Meghan McCain will be flying to New York tonight….  watch out for the Wicked Witch of Washington!