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LOS ANGELES – President Obama stars in three episodes of the CBS remake of Hawaii Five-O.

It was  revealed today that President Obama spent a few days of his vacation shooting three episodes of the new CBS drama , Hawaii Five-O – a remake of the popular hour-long drama that ran from 1968-1980  The shows producers – Alex Kurtzman,  Roberto Orci and Peter Lenkov – thought that President Obama was a natural for the show.

WWN learned, however, that it wasn’t the producers who approached Obama.   It turns out that President Obama was incessantly calling them wanting to be on the show.  “Hawaii Five-O was the biggest show on TV when I was a kid.  I watched it as much as I could, and I must say that it had a significant impact on my personal development.”

Obama suggested they rename the show “Hawaii Five-Obama.”  CBS executives had to turn down Obama’s request, which made Katie Couric upset, “If he wants the show to be called Hawaii Five-Obama just name the damn show Hawaii Five-Obama!”

Of course, Birthers immediately protested Obama appearing on the show.  “It should be called Kenya Five-O.  Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii,” said leading birther nutcase Orly Taintz.  The birthers plan to boycott CBS, which actually was welcome news to CBS.

CBS has slotted in the new version of Hawaii for 10 p.m. (Eastern and Pacific) on Mondays, starting on Sept. 20. The revived “Hawaii Five-0”— with a zero in place of the “O,” perhaps to signal it is version 2.0 — is one of five new series that CBS plans for the 2010-11 season.  When Obama learned that the “O” was replaced with a zero, President Obama went ballistic.  “I’m an O, not a zero!”   Before Katie Couric could say anything they changed it back to an “O.”

In the first episode of the season, Obama is brought in because Vice President Joe Biden goes missing while vacationing on Hawaii. President Obama roughs up a number of thugs on Oahu trying to get to the bottom of the kidnapping, but at the end of the episode it turns out that Biden just fell asleep in a hammock on the beach.

Here’s the theme song of the original show.  Can’t you see Obama on the show?  Yeah, you can…