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NEW YORK, NY – One politician isn’t hiding his feelings about our president!

Ben Quayle apparently doesn’t beat around the bush. He’s the definition of short and sweet – well more like sour. Quayle, son of former Vice President Dan Qualye, makes some bold comments about Barack Obama in a recent TV ad.

Quayle, who’s running for the GOP nomination in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional District, flat out calls President Obama the “worst president in history.” The ad began airing in the Phoenix area Wednesday. Because of Obama, the 33-year-old says, “my generation will inherit a weakened country.”

The congressional hopeful cites “drug cartels in Mexico” and “tax cartels in D.C.” and asks, “What’s happened to America?” He goes on to ask voters to send him to Congress. Check out his ad below.

Democrats are not sitting down in silence and they have rallied around the president. They have fired back at the Arizona congressional candidate.

“The son of the worst vice president ever may think he has some wisdom on the job performance of political leaders,” said Brad Woodhouse, spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, to CNN. “But if he thinks a president whose actions have saved the country from a second Great Depression, reformed a broken health care system and protected consumers from risk and greed of Wall Street merits such mention, his analysis is only slightly less ridiculous than his candidacy for public office is.”

Yea! How do you like them apples Quayle?! Good for the Democrats for taking a stand and taking the first round. This has the makings of a good little political feud.