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NASHVILLE, TN – An unlikely political candidate is making quite a name for himself!

All great politicians become known for something after their career is done. Washington wasn’t able to tell a lie. Lincoln woodchopped his way to greatness. Obama might become known as the great orator who wasn’t ale to deliver on his promises. Now Basil Marceaux is trying to etch his name among the great politicians. The unlikely Tennessee Republican gubernatorial hopeful has become an Internet sensation.

Marceaux has promised to “immune you from all state crimes for the rest of you sic life!” and his desire that “everyone carry guns” has proven to be the cheese on the mousetrap to delighted Internet bloggers and irresistible to talk radio and MSNBC.

He has been endorsed by the hillbilly comedy duo Jackie Broyles and Dunlap on Red State Update. A Nashville Scene blogger proclaimed Marceaux an “Internet Superstar” and warned GOP front-runner Bill Haslam that there is a “mighty dark horse pounding toward you in the outside lane.”

Marceaux became a “superstar” sometime last week when a news station in Chattanooga ran his candidacy speech. According to the anchors, “we have given all five candidates from the major parties time to express themselves in their own words.” Express himself Marceaux did. It’s debatable whether he was drunk or not, but it was hilarious to hear him share his insight on his political goals that include “stopping traffic stops” and “get rid of the goldfinch flags and replace them with a REAL flag with three stripes.”

While the Internet is laughing at the expense of Marceaux, the former Marine isn’t joking around.

“I always knew it would (attention) happen because I’m sure everyone feels like me. It just takes guts,” said Marceaux.

Check him out for yourself.