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NEW YORK, NY – One former president had a soft spot in his heart for an unlikely treat!

Bill Clinton has kept a little secret that he certainly didn’t want anyone to know about.

“When I was in England I experimented with marijuana a time or two – and didn’t like it – and didn’t inhale and never tried inhaling again,” Clinton said while campaigning for the presidency in 1992.

Clinton was telling the truth, he never inhaled the substance, but rather chose brownies and cookies as his way for dope use. This is according to his former classmate at Oxford, Christopher Hitches. His memoir, Hitch-22, is due out next month and in it he details various interesting stories, one of which is the former president’s use of weed brownies.

“He preferred, like many another marijuana enthusiast, to take his dope in the form of large handfuls of cookies and brownies,” Hitchens says in his memoir.

Those are some bold allegations, especially coming from someone who hasn’t been shy about his dislike for President Clinton. The allegations could be based on truth or they could just be plain slander. Hitchens has on numerous occasions bashed the former president through different outlets.

“I felt Clinton represented the worst of the 1960s. He had none of the virtues of the 68-ers – the soixantehuitards – who at least felt they were fighting for other people’s interests and that the world might be changing – as opposed to the solipsism and narcissism of most of the baby boomers. They [Clinton’s subcategory] were merely the sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Not that we despise that of course,” Hitches recently told the press