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NEW YORK, NY – Sarah Palin refused to shake the hand of Oliver Stone at a Saturday Night Live taping. Through tears and muffled sobs, Stone said he doesn’t care: “no, really.”

In excerpts from her new book “Going Rogue”, Sarah Palin tells of meeting Oliver Stone at a taping of Saturday Night Live.  At the meeting, Palin refused to shake Stone’s hand due to his left leaning politics.  When asked about the incident the notoriously sensitive Oliver Stone immediately broke into tears.

Stone tried to play off that the snub did not bother him.  Through sobs and tears, he expressed his disappointment with Palin for relaying such an anecdotal story but wished her no ill.  Unfortunately saying that much took 20 minutes for Stone and he needed 4 separate “Hug Breaks” with reporters.

Oliver Stone developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder while filming Born on Fourth of July.  It wasn’t filming the excessively brutal battle scenes that caused it, but working with Tom Cruise shortly after he joined Scientology.

Since then Stone has been known as the “Most Delicate Man in Hollywood.”  He is known to force group hugs with his casts and delay production for weeks due to his personal “Mental Health Days.”  When the incident occurred with Palin in 2008 it took fellow guest star Alec Baldwin 20 minutes to talk Stone out of the bathroom stall he had locked himself in.

Sarah Palin takes jabs at many people in her new book.  In it she tells the story of her sudden rise to national celebrity, and how the world wasn’t ready for her “You Betcha” attitude.  She has yet to apologize for making Oliver Stone cry.