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NEW YORK, NY – Oliver Stone premiered his new film about Hugo Chavez this weekend, with Chavez as his date. On his program, Glenn Beck exposed the Leftist Hollywood Conspiracy at work.

Beck took the time to decipher the clues of the Hollywood conspiracy to turn America into a socialist regime.  Glenn analyzed photos of Oliver Stone with Chavez on his arm.  The two arrived in an armored gondola that Beck noticed flied its flags on the left hand side.  Citing numerous seemingly innocuous details Beck wrote them down on a board, showing that if you took the third letter from each word it spelled out “Leftist Despooh,” which we can safely assume is the same as a Leftist Despot.

He went on to go over the reception of the crowd.  “What I don’t understand” Beck said “is that if these people love freedom, why did they put up with this.  If all these Italians, and foreigners, and Hollywood Elite, really loved freedom, I mean LOVED freedom, why did they allow a Dictator to show up?”  According to Beck the movie received a standing ovation from the entire crowd.  “Now I’m not saying that the people who saw this movie are planning a Communist Revolution, but until they prove otherwise we have to assume they are.”

He played an audio clip of applause after the film and slowed it down digitally until it clearly said “Down with Capitalism!”  Beck went on assure viewers he had personally removed all speakers in and within one square mile of his studio in case of any Leftist subliminal messages being broadcast.  “We will now have a logo at the bottom of our screen that says we are 110% free of Socialist subliminal messages.  Don’t trust any program, that doesn’t carry that logo.”

Beck concluded his program saying through tears “It couldn’t be more clear America.  Hollywood has joined with Hugo Chavez and together they wish to bring down everything we love about America.  For the sake of your Children, for the sake of America, don’t watch any programming that doesn’t have the 110% Socialist Message Free logo.  Because if Hollywood has their way, we’ll all be living under this: a Leftist Despooh.  Goodnight America.”