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Republicans continue their criticism of Health Care reform.  Birthers claim they have proof of Democrat Death Panels.

Last week Sarah Palin decried the Obama Health Care plan for having “Death Panels” which she said would euthanize those deemed “unproductive to society” like her child with down syndrome.  Actual proof of such policies has yet to be provided but that has not stopped right wing support of Mrs. Palin’s claims.

Newt Gingrich came forward this weekend to express support of Palin’s criticisms of a “government run health system that pays for itself by killing off the sick and the elderly.”  When asked where in the health plan it says that people would be killed he replied “Um, can I get back to you on that?”

According to Palin those deemed “unproductive” by democrats would be encouraged by government agents to consent to being euthanized “for the good of the State.”  Those who decline would be taken forcibly and “made an example of.”  While Democrats in Washington condemn these notions as preposterous Orly Taites says she has proof!

Orly Taites, mother of the Birther movement, claims to have proof of Democrat Death Panels.  Taits claims to have photographic proof of the elderly being rounded up from nursing homes by government officials.  Critics say that these are simply stock photos from advertisements of nursing homes, to which Taites says she is being unfairly ridiculed and surpressed.

Hundreds of conservatives, including the Birthers, have joined their voices in condemning Health Care reform.  Already in town halls across the midwest angry citizens are throwing their elderly at local representatives in protest.

One Iowa woman began screaming at a town hall meeting “This is not the America that I love!  This health care plan is not what my father served in Korea to protect!”  She then began beating a State Assemblyman with her geriatric father.

Washington Democrats have yet to effectively prove that they are not holding secret Death Panels.  Until the government has adequately proven that they are not planning to systematically kill the sick and the elderly the protests are expected to continue; with elderly people being thrown in protest in small towns across America.