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I’m madder than Al Sharpton with a broken megaphone!

Yesterday my nephew sent me a story he found on the computer machine and I’ve had to double up on the oxygen ever since.

Seems this one-time singer named John Mellonhead or something thinks only he should be allowed to speak his mind in these great United States.

He told some interviewer that “mean people” shouldn’t be allowed freedom of speech on the interwebs. Apparently, some people on the innertubes swear too much for his liking. “Not being courteous is not really freedom of speech….” he said.

But then Mellanoma called the “mean people” he doesn’t like… a really mean and dirty swear name! Does that make HIM “mean”, though? Of course not, you idiot! He’s a liberal!

So when Menstrualcramp wrote a song calling George W. Bush “another cheap thug,” that wasn’t mean. He was exercising his right to free speech, which only he has but nobody else.

He gets to sing about hating America and gets paid millions to do it, and have it played all over the radio.

But if I want to say “mean” things about The Teleprompter Kid here on my computer machine and you read it, I should go to jail.

I can’t believe I fought on Pork Chop Hill for this guy’s right to free speech. But I did.

I fought for my OWN rights too, though, and that’s why I get to call him a jackass!

It’s the American way!

Except some law they’re trying to pass would put your old friend Ed Anger in jail for two years for “causing emotional distress” on the computer machine. Folks, I thought that’s what this whole internet thing was FOR!

You won’t let them cart away old Ed, will you, kids?