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I’m madder than a plucked pigeon! Did you hear they’re building a statue to Al Gore, down in Tennessee? It’s enough to make Michelangelo lose his marbles!

Tennessee wants to honor Al Gore cuz he won that foreign Nobel Prize thing.

Funny: Al Gore lost his own state in that Presidential election, but now they’re gonna build a monument to the guy. It’s cuz he’s the only guy from Tennessee who ever won a Nobel Prize – well, now you know why!

I never understood why Al Gore won a “Peace” prize anyhow, since his stupid global warming scam has caused millions of fights and arguments.

Scientists who don’t believe in global warming get fired and blackballed and bad mouthed – how peaceful does THAT sound?

Aren’t dictators the only ones that build statues to themselves while they’re still alive? Oh, wait…

Now some of you are thinking: a statue of Al Gore? How will we tell it from the real thing? He’s already as stiff as a drugstore Indian!

Maybe it’ll be like the Washington Monument, all symbolic and that. So instead of looking like Al Gore, the statue will just be a twenty foot dollar sign or refrigerator.

And what will they make the statue out of? Recycled polar bear poop? Corncobs from the compost? They could always stick an old tire around his middle to make it more realistic!

How much energy’s gonna get wasted making this statue, anyhow? Isn’t there a depression on or something – what is this gonna cost? Do they even have money in Tennessee or do they just trade beef jerky and chewing tobacco?

The best Al Gore statue I can think of will turn all the pigeon poop into hot air!