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I’m madder than a goose sucked into a jet engine! So the White House had the great idea to take pictures of the President’s plane flying over New York. Nothing like the sight of a big jet buzzing Ground Zero to make you feel safe and secure!

It’s all part of Obama’s stimulus package: think of all the money New Yorkers spent on kleenex and booze the other day!

Is Obama the President or a movie director? Over his next 100 days, he’ll celebrate by blowing up the Goodyear blimp over New Jersey, then getting a giant monkey to climb the Empire State building. How’s about a spaceship crashing into the Washington Monument? Just think what they could do at Pearl Harbor!

That Mayor of New York was really mad, but that’s just cuz he heard the pilot was smoking.

What’s really scary is how dumb this makes the people in charge look. And you want them running your health care? Will they try to cure your cancer by jumping out of your closet and yelling “Boo”?

The government gives fancy food and free Muslim bibles to the guys in Gitmo, but the people they tried to kill get to be scared, unpaid extras in Obama’s personal action movie. Doesn’t that qualify as torture?

I guess the Teleprompter Kid was jealous when ordinary folks decided to reenact the Boston Tea Party and didn’t invite him.

I’ve got an idea for the next historical reenactment and photo op. He could make like Nixon and “resign the Presidency effective at noon tomorrow”!