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I’m madder than a footman with an ingrown toenail!

So the Communist in Chief went to England to meet the Queen.  This time he brought a slightly better present than crappy movies you can’t watch anyway – he gave the Queen one of those fancy Walkmans.

Except he filled it up with a bunch of his own stupid speeches!

Hey, why didn’t he just send her one of his pre-loaded Teleprompters? He brought about ten of them to England, but he can’t spare one, I guess, or else he wouldn’t be able to talk.

At least Obama didn’t give the Queen those talking book versions of his two autobiographies – I’m not sure she’d like hearing Obama his own self, reciting lines like “So then we snorted a few lines and went cruising for chicks…”

What next? Is Obama gonna give the President of Russia a McDonald’s gift certificate. If the Obamas lived in your neighborhood, they’d be the house that gives out Candy Corn at Halloween.

Obama said the Queen reminded him of his grandmother “except she has a bigger house.” Ha, ha! (She’s not like Obama’s aunt, either — a crippled old lady who lives in the Boston projects!) But wait: didn’t Obama say his grandmother was a “typical white person” who was scared of black guys…?

Then Michelle Obama put her arm around the Queen, which is a big no-no from what I hear, politeness-wise. At least she didn’t do that “fist bump” thing!

Anyway, the Queen headed them off with HER cheap-o present to them, which was a picture of… herself. Pretty funny when you realize her face is also on every 5-cent postage stamp in the country!