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I’m madder than a Kennedy at last call about what’s going on in our country!

I hear the Communist in Chief is getting half a million bucks to write a kids book. Not only that, but it’s a kids version of his grown up book, “Pipe Dreams” or something. Which is weird because Obama’s books are all about snorting coke and smoking pot!

Maybe that’ll get changed in the kid’s books to candy cigarettes, and Obama’s hippie terrorist friend will get switched to Little Billy who eggs cars on Devil’s Night. Cheech and Chong can read it on Sesame Street!

Just think: kids all over American will get to read the inspiring story of a lady who got knocked up by a lowlife, pawned her kid off on his grandma, and he grew up to be a dope smoking Chicago lawyer who writes books about himself!

Or you could just give kids a comic book version of “The Omen”!

Obama’s starting to remind me of Jimmy Carter. You kids think the ’70s were all bright clothes and fruity disco music, but believe me: there’s nothing fun about lining up for two days to fill up your gas tank, not to mention double digit inflation, unemployment and interest rates! At least Jimmy Carter had a goofy beer-guzzling brother we could make fun of to get through our horrible lives.

That’s it: let’s bring Obama’s brother over here from Booga-booga Land and get him to say something dumb every day to liven things up. Oh wait, that’s what Obama does already. And the idea’s too much like an Eddie Murphy movie, and the world is depressing enough without another one of those!