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I’m madder than a double-entry bookkeeper with a single-entry wife about all this Tom Daschle craziness!

The guy resigned his big new job with Obama before it even started, all because he didn’t pay some taxes.

First off, someone gave Daschle a gift subscription to ‘Car & Driver’. So what? Who’d think to put that on their taxes?

More importantly, not paying taxes is as American as motherhood, apple pie and wearing pink sweatpants in public.

Why, our great nation was founded by men who didn’t pay their taxes. John Hancock didn’t just take up half a page signing his name. When a British big shot came on Hancock’s ship to collect taxes on his cargo of booze, Hancock locked the guy up in an empty cabin to avoid paying up.

Between Daschle, that Geithner fellow, Killefer and all the others, the Communist-in-Chief’s Cabinet are practically the signers of the Declaration of Independence! Who’d have thought the only one who wasn’t a crook would be Mrs. Hillary?

The big traitor in the White House these days is Biden. That crazy Hair Club Vice President says paying taxes is patriotic. That just proves his plugs have put down roots in his brain.

My fellow red, white and blue Americans, this is our chance to finally reenact the great Boston Tea Party! When April rolls around, everybody fill in their tax form the Democrat way: under ‘Occupation’, just write ‘Obama Cabinet Guy’, then put zeros everywhere else. When the IRS shows up, lock them in your laundry room.

They waste all our money on cucumber condoms in kindergarten anyway. Heck, I’m getting myself a tri-corn hat right now! Join the rebellion or your name is ‘Benedict Arnold Rosenberg’!