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I’m madder than a hillbilly with a busted banjo string because Obama isn’t helping those poor folks in Kentucky!

Seems they had a big ice storm and dozens of people are dead. More than a million homes haven’t got electricity. It’s a state of emergency but the funny thing is: I don’t see the midstream media filming folks looting plasma TVs or huddled together at Churchill Downs, yelling about cannibalism, or shooting the National Guard from the roofs of their hillbilly shacks.

I guess because none of that’s going on! All those crazy stupid hicks are just taking care of themselves and their neighbors, and clinging to their guns and bibles and Klan robes and moonshine to keep warm like they have for countless inbred generations.

But what’s our new Communist-in-Chief doing? Chowing down on arugula steaks at that fancy pants Buckwheat Dinner, then watching the Super Bowl in his toasty warm office. (Guess you heard that the same guy who told us “we can’t keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times” insists his Oval Office be kept hotter than an orchid greenhouse because “he’s from Hawaii.”)

Obama doesn’t want to make a fuss about the Kentucky ice storm, and not just because those hillbillies didn’t vote for him. It’s because if he does, his whole global warming scam goes right out the single-pane window! Boy, does Obama have slush on his face now!

The Teleprompter Kid better fly his magic unicorn over the rainbow and down to Kentucky pronto if he wants to keep that Spike Jones fella from making a nasty movie called “When the Generators Broke”. Obama said he’d stop the oceans from rising but he can’t melt a little snow?

That Obama! I tell you – he sure puts the “F” in FEMA!