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That crazy Reverend Robertson is at is again.

He says God sent the earthquake to punish those voodoo people down there, for making a deal with the Devil. If that’s true, then there’d be earthquakes in Washington once a week!

At least Pat Robertson is sending millions of dollars down there. The thing is: other nuts besides Pat Robertson are saying their own crazy stuff, but the Lame Stream Media isn’t reporting on any of that!

I hear that washed-up commie pinko movie star Danny Glover says the earthquake was because we didn’t listen to Al Gore about his fake global warming!

I know Al Gore makes it snow wherever he goes – but the only earthquakes he makes are when he stomps back and forth to the fridge for more pie!

Don’t hold your breath waiting for libs to call that commie movie star a nut, though!

He’s one of them, and not a pasty faced old born again Christian – so Danny Glover gets to say whatever he wants. And he’s a colored guy, so if you say anything bad about him, that makes you a “racialist”!

Speaking of which, some study shows people wish they hadn’t voted for the Teleprompter Kid after all! You all laugh at old Ed Anger, but I’m right about everything! I told you he’d wreck this once great nation and turn it into a pubic banana!

What’s worse is that crybaby Glenn Beck stole all my ideas and made a million bucks! Just because he’s younger and better looking than me. If I ever get the chance, I’ll bash him over the head with my oxygen tank! He’ll be crying all right, that little whippersnapper!

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