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I’m madder than a hippie with a busted bong! Everywhere I look, I hear about how they want to make marijuana legal!

All my life I heard smoking that stuff made you a shiftless degenerate – and now the government wants to hand it out free to everybody!

It won’t really be “free,” of course – you and I are the ones paying for it. We have to work two or three jobs and cough up half our dough, so these lazy dope fiends can have their wild crazy parties and eat corn chips all day in their underpants!

My grandson heard at college that the Founding Fathers all grew that pot stuff, but you can’t convince me. If that was true, wouldn’t all their slaves have been laying around all day instead of picking cotton? How is that even “slavery” — it sounds more like “Saturday night”!

If the Founding Fathers were all stoned, Betsy Ross would’ve made a tie-die flag.  George Washington would’ve sat around giggling instead of crossing the Delaware.

The Declaration of Independence would’ve been crappy lyrics to a weird song about flowers and unicorns and how much they loved the King. And that Boston Tea Party would’ve been a whole different thing altogether!

If the government is gonna turn around and make all the “bad” things not just “good, but legal and FREE fifty years later, then just wait: in 2050, they’ll set up Free Cheeseburger Clinics and hand out french fries instead of needles.

But will old farts like me every get to make our own booze without getting in trouble, or get handed government cigars? Ha! We, the law-abiding citizens of the U. S. of A., get nothing but the shaft!

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