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I’m madder than a tranny who’s run out of duct tape!

So now the Communist-in-Chief hires some sex change guy to work for him.

S/he used to be a “he” – and was a test pilot, too! Which means even now, s/he’s got more balls than Obama!

“S/he’s also more ladylike looking than the First Lady or that Janet Nincompoopatano or Nancy Fallopi, that’s for sure!

I saw some pretty lousy looking she-males back in Korea, and I gotta say: this new one at least can pass!

From what I can make out, at least “her” resume is better than some of the losers who work for the Teleprompter Kid. S/he was even voted the 2004 YWCA’s “Woman On The Move” – hell, I’ll say!

And it looks like s/he at least pays her taxes, stays out of jail, doesn’t fight with cops, love Chairman Mao or thinks George Bush blew up the World Trade Center. At this point, s/he might be the best person Obama’s hired all year!

S/he’s scared people will think s/he got hired just because s/he’s a whatever-it-is, because one of those afirmbuttive action rules. “It sucks to be first,” s/he told one reporter.

Anything I say about that’ll get me in even more trouble!

Speaking of all this stuff: now that guy who said Abe Lincoln was a pansy admits he just made it up, to “raise awareness”. Well, it sure raised awareness about how many crazy troublemaking fruitcakes we’ve got running around, that’s for damn sure!

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