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I guess the Teleprompter Kid has nothing better to do than get mad that not everybody loves him.

You’d think the President of the United States would be busy fixing (or wrecking) the economy or blowing the moon up or buying car companies or having beers with racists. But you’d be wrong!

When Obama said he wanted to “focus on the real war,” I thought he meant shooting more A-rabs, not whining about Fox News!

I think Obama’s just mad because Fox has higher ratings than he does!

Osama bin Laden is still running around, but the Communist-in-Chief is out to get Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck. Last time I checked, the biggest danger those two guys are to the country is they give some people heartburn.

Now look: I’ve said it before that I’m not happy about those guys stealing all my ideas and getting their own tv shows and being millionaires. Especially that no-neck Sean Hannity, who looks like a fire hydrant in a necktie.

But now we’ve got that Zippy the Pinhead guy who answers reporters’ questions, saying Fox isn’t “real” news.

Hell, I could say Obama isn’t a real President – but that would be crazy talk!

I wonder why the Communist in Chief can’t take time out from his disco dancing date nights to have beers in the backyard with a bunch of Fox News guys?

As long as they don’t let Glenn Beck anywhere near the booze, we’ll probably be ok. But I don’t want that guy anywhere near the red button that blows everything up. He might think it’s an M&M and try to eat it or something!