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I’m madder than a Polak with a burned out lightbulb!

Did you hear the news? Obama’s grandma in Africa finally got electricity! It’s true—and not because the big shot Communist-in-Chief ordered it for her, either.

Nope, those idiot hippies with Greenpeace took a break from bothering Eskimos, and fixed up Grandma Obama with some solar powered set up.

Of course it was solar – what else does Africa have a lot of except sunshine? Maybe goats or something, but their horns would get caught in the generators…

Now Obama’s grandma is just like the rest of us – she has to look at her grandson’s face on the TV 24 hours a day, too!

She better not get sick of seeing him, or he might pull the plug on grandma!

But Obama’s half brother still lives in an African hut and makes ten dollars a year, while his crippled aunt lives in public housing here in the U.S. of A. – until she gets deported, that is.

Aren’t you thrilled that Obama takes such good care of his relatives? Just think of how much he cares about YOU, and how great it’ll be when the Teleprompter Kid takes over your medical care!

I guess if you’re lucky, a bunch of professional tree huggers might stop by one day and hook you up with your own solar powered life support machine! But only if you’re one of the President’s relatives – the rest of us’ll be outta luck!

Anyway, the libs wanna name the new health care laws about Ted Kennedy, and that’s pretty smart, when you think about it: after all, under the new plan, we’ll all be left to die a slow and painful death too, just like Ted’s girlfriend!