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I’m madder than an armless guy at the slot machines!

So the Communist-in-Chief wants us to snitch on our fellow citizens, huh? We’re supposed to send any “fishy” messages we get about health care to

(Funny: that’s the closest thing to a “flag” Obama seems to want to get!)

But the plan backfired. Sure enough, so many people are sending them stuff that the White House computers are broken. (Watch for a big drop off in porn-o profits this week, everybody!)

I just hope some of you great Americans have told the White House all about me!

After all, old Ed here has been telling you the TRUTH about the Teleprompter Kid since day one:

How he wants to turn every hospital in America into a DMV, and how he’s taken over my plasmatic teevee, and how Joe Biden’s hair plugs have latched onto his brain.

And I think the Government might be on to me now. My tap water tastes awful funny lately. Our good old rotary phone’s making weird clicking sounds. And I think they replaced our cocker spaniel with a fake commie clone – he keeps looking at me like I’m crazy.

I don’t care, America! I WANT to be on the Teleprompter Kid’s Enemies List. It’ll be my proudest thing since I got my Purple Heart on Pork Chop Hill!

Be sure to look up all my columns about the Communist-in-Chief’s sinister plans for the U. S. of A, and send them ALL to!

Speak out while you still can, my fellow patriots – before Obama replaces “The Star Spangled Banner” with “Blowing in the Wind”!