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I’m madder than an elephant with a peanut allergy!

Obama’s hardly been on the job six months, but already the Communist-in-Chief is taking time off!

OK, he’s not going on a real vacation or anything – even the Teleprompter Kid doesn’t have THAT much nerve.

No, what’s happening is, he and his White House employees are going on one of those stupid “retreats” they have at big corporations.

You know what I mean: everybody at the office has to drag themselves out to some fancy place in the woods, and draw crayon pictures and “bond” and “share” with each other and basically act like kindergarten kids!

I tell you: the most terrifying words in the English language aren’t, “We interrupt this program” or even “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.” They’re “And now we’re all going to break up into small groups…”

Let me ask you: if these fancy corporate retreats are so terrific and helpful, how come all those big corporations needed bailouts?

I’d be happy if Obama went on a real retreat. He should retreat on turning hospitals into DMVs, and retreat on apologizing for America wherever he goes, and retreat from talking about criminal cases he doesn’t know anything about, just because one of his crazy friends is in trouble with the cops again.

Anyway, I’m just laughing at the idea of all these Secret Service guys catching Obama when he “falls” during one of those dumb “bonding” games!

I don’t like the idea of Obama and company going on retreat on my dime!

But maybe they’ll be nice and let the rest of us have any muffins that might be left over!