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Asian men share tips on how to catch a woman and keep her happy.

For generations Asian women learned how to treat a woman by following rules laid down by Chinese philosopher Wang Xu in his book Maxims for Teaching Men.  Now they’ve taken his words of wisdom that have been passsed down fro more than 2,000 years and updated them to deal with women in 2012.

Here are the winning recommendations for Western men who want to trade be successful in love and marriage:

1)  TREAT HER LIKE GOLD – Your woman is a queen.  Remember that your wife comes first – before you,  your job, your outside interests or even your mother!

2) MORNING RITUAL.  Get up in the morning before your woman does.  Make sure to write her a special love note, something short and sweet – and hide it in place that she’ll find it later in the day.  Make it short, loving, funny, touching… just let her know you are thinking of her and that you love her.

3)  TALK.  Don’t sit there like a lump on a log.  Talk to her.  She wants to know how you are feeling, what you are thinking and what you are doing!   Don’t just grunt and mumble.  Never, ever.  She’s your best friend, so talk to her.

4) LISTEN TO HER.  Even more important – listen to her.  Women like to talk about their day, their problems, their concerns etc.  Listen to her.  Really listen.  She can tell if you’re only half-listening.  Give her your full attention.

4)  BE AT HOME.  Make sure you come home to be with her.  You don’t have to stay late at work EVERY night.  You don’t have to meet your buddies and watch sports games EVERY sunday.  Sepnd time with your wife.

5)  COMPLIMENT HER.   Is that so hard?   If she looks good – tell her.  If she smells good – tell her.  If she’s great in bed – tell her.  Who doesn’t like compliments?


6) MAKE HER DINNER.   Yeah, you can learn how to do this.  Why not?  She’s working too… it’s 2012.  Learn to make a few quick meals and if she’s working late – or even if she’s home with the kids – or just because… make her a delicious meal.  You have to make her life easier too.

7)  LET HER HANG WITH HER GIRLFRIENDS.  If she wants to have a girls night out – let her.  If she wants to go away for a girl’s weekend in the Caribbean – let her.  You can trust her.  If she has fun, she’ll come back happier.

8)  LET HER HANDLE THE MONEY.   You make the money, but so does she.   Women are generally better with money, so let her handle the finances.  She can give you an allowance every week and that’s all you have to worry about.  This way you don’t have to get involved with what she spends.  You just spend what she gives you.

9)  ESPN/VIDEO GAMES – LIMITS.   Limit yourself to 5 hours total a week in video games/sports shows.  You don’t want your girlfriend/wife to be a video game widow.  Set a limit for the week and when you meet it – turn off the TV and put away the console.

10)  OBEY.  Do whatever she says.  Don’t question it – it’s not worth it.  “Yes, dear” is the most important phrase you will ever know.   You are here to make her happy – just do what she wants.

11)  TAKE YOUR TIME IN BED.  What’s the rush?  Try to include a little foreplay.  Try to seduce her, try to – make it longer than a stop at a toll booth.  Think about pleasing her for once!

12)  KNOW FASHION.  Not all women love fashion, but many do.  Get a subscription to Elle and Vogue and keep up on the latest trends.

13)  GROOM YOURSELF.  Just because you’ve won her heart doesn’t give you the right to be a slob now.  Keep yourself clean, trim your hairs and stay in shape.  No woman wants a big old beer gut.

14)  CLEANING.  This may be the most important thing to know.   Clean the bathroom, kitchen, house or apartment whenever possible.  She will love you for it.  If you have a saturday off – scrub the floors.  It will be worth it – trust me.

Follow ALL these steps and you will be happy for the rest of your life!

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