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Dr. Fiore, who says she has cured more than 1,000 patients of spirit possession, is convinced that the average person can rid himself of unwanted spirits by following her simple method.

“You can release a spirit you have had with you for years,” she said, “or help someone else using these methods.  The spirits get the message and follow their loved ones to the hereafter.

“You see very dramatic changes.”

To banish the dead soul that haunts you, Dr. Fiore says, you must speak to the dead person and convince him to leave.

Tell the spirits that he is not the possessed person, but someone else,. Tell him his body is dead and the he joined the possessed person after death.

Tell him he is harming himself and the person he is possessing.

To encourage the spirit to leave Earth, Dr. Fiore advises, you must tell him his loved ones are waiting for him. Reassure him that when he’s in the hereafter he will be in a perfect body, not a crippled or aged one.

Tell him there’s no such thing as hell – that he will have a wonderful, peaceful existence in the afterlife with everything he wants .  Then tell him to go in peace with your blessing.

Eighty percent of my patients suffer from problems brought on by spirits of the dead who are drawn to unite with the living and bring them the fears, pains, weaknesses and other problems they had when they were alive.  Dr. Edith Fiore

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