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SPOFFORD, TX – An outbreak of swine flu is being controlled in Mexico City, but the first infected pig was just found and killed in the States!

A monstrous mutant pig held a small town in a grip of a terror, stomping out for nightly rampages that destroyed crops, wrecked barnyards and left beloved pets and farm animals savaged. The colossal 10-foot porker tipped the scales at a staggering 800 pounds.

Its reign of terror ended last night when veteran hunting guide Chris Morris courageously shot the flu-infected pig. “I did what I had to do,” said Spofford resident Morris. “What if it had infected us?”


Scientists had only hypothesized that this new strain of swine flu could mutate pigs. Dr. William Metzler explained, “It’s like nothing we’ve ever encountered. We knew it was a possibility, but never in my life would I have expected it to actually happen!”

It is believed that an infected pig somehow crossed the border at an unfenced section and then infected the Spofford swine. The animal, a unique wild hog-pig hybrid, soon grew to a monstrous size with unparalleled fury.

“While wild hog are known for being aggressive, we think the infection was causing the pig intense discomfort, which only fueled its rage,” said Dr. Metzler.

Local wildlife authorities have asked Morris to train officials how to catch and kill these animals. Dr. Metzler said they are unfortunately expecting more mutants to appear, but more importantly, fear the mutating virus will jump to humans.