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SALT LAKE CITY, UT – A small religious group was denied erecting a granite monument in a Utah park with their tenants on it. But what are these “seven aphorisms”?

Summum is a Salt Lake City-based group, started by Claude Nowell in 1975. Their mission is simply: “to help you liberate and emancipate you from yourself and turn you into an Overcomer.” It is similar to Gnostic Christianity, in that knowledge is attained through questioning and experience.

The group wished to create a monument to place next to the Ten Commandments in a park, that would display the Seven Aphorisms: Psychokinesis, Correspondence, Vibration, Opposition, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, and Gender. However, the justices ruled against it, stating, “It is hard to imagine how a public park could be opened up for the installation of permanent monuments by every person or group wishing to engage in that form of expression.”

The group are now alleging discrimination, as the Ten Commandments plaque itself is already a violation of Church and State. Why would the courts discriminate against them? Possibly because they also operate as a mummification service, for both humans and pets.