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MARTINSBURG, WV – Bat Boy was spotted on a turkey farm celebrating Thanksgiving early.

Sam Collins, owner of Collins Turkeys, Inc. farm, was out early this morning getting the feed ready when he heard an odd noise out in the field. “It sounded like some kind of hoopla was going on,” Collins said.

Farmer Sam grabbed his rifle and hurried over, expecting to find a fox harrassing the birds. But he was in for a much bigger surprise.

“A little boy in jean shorts was out in the field all by his lonesome. When he heard me coming, he ran and leaned against a tree, acting real casual like. I might have believed him ‘cept he tried whistling and a bunch of turkey feathers came out of his mouth!”

Bat Boy experts believe the junior mutant had heard about Thanksgiving somewhere and tried to emulate it on his own. However, he did it up Bat Boy style and swallowed the live turkey whole, no stuffing or gravy required!

Farmer Sam explained, “Heck, I wasn’t even mad, I was impressed. Those turkeys are big! He saw my gun and took off running, but I just didn’t have the heart to shoot at him. Although I woulda liked his head for the mantle. Have you seen them ears?”