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LOST WORLD CAVERNS, WV – Bat Boy has joined more than two million people in getting the new World of Warcraft expansion set.

“The Wrath of the Lich King” was released at midnight yesterday to the delight of millions of WoW fans. The expansion set is designed to give master players more to explore, including a new continent, equipment and spells.

Bat Boy is too young to work and earn his own money, so he was forced take a different approach. In a Game Stop parking lot, he leapt shrieking from the bushes at a 30-year old agoraphobe who dropped the game and passed out in fear.

Bat Boy now blissfully explores the vast expanses of Northrend with fellow dwarf friends Bilbong and Glugnus. His victim is currently unresponsive in a local psych ward, muttering repeatedly, “the ears… the ears…”