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BAJA, MEXICO – Mexican villagers trying to break a dance record on the Day of the Dead were in for an unwelcome surprise.

Via de los Reyes is a small village in the Baja region of Mexico, with only 586 full time residents.  To celebrate The Day of the Dead this past Sunday, a Mexican holiday when barriers to the spirit realm are believed to be weakest, the village decided to break the record for the largest re-enactment of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Farm hands who had rehearsed their dance routine for weeks wore hand-stitched costumes and covered themselves in actual viscera as make-up for their performance. Crowds gathered to watch the villagers dance like Michael Jackson in their modest church graveyard.

However, in a testament to the power of Vincent Price’s voice, zombies rose from the ground when his monologue was projected over graves that had been decorated with chicken’s blood. Needless to say, this put a damper on the festivities.

Confusion quickly erupted as the entire village dressed like zombies was attacked by actual undead, each group not sure of who was whom.

Mexican authorities quickly contained the incident; the town is now under quarantine and casualties are expected to be minimal.  This marks the eighth time this has happened in Mexico since Thriller was released in 1983.