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LOS ANGELES, CA – Tonya, the World’s Fattest Cat, just barely lost enough weight this week to remain in competition on NBC’s hit reality series, Biggest Loser.

Starting off at a staggering 330 pounds, Tonya managed to drop a total 122 pounds after three weeks of dieting and exercise.

The current season of the hit show, Biggest Loser 5, features overweight families competing for the title.  Tonya is partnered with her owner Shellay on the Pink Team.

After Tuesday night’s results, Shellay herself dropped an impressive 98 pounds after three weeks on the show.

“I’m just so excited to be on the TV and losing weight,” Shellay said, “Tonya is doing real good too.  I’m a little nervous about her though.  I’m sure she would love to be ‘The Biggest Loser’ but she just really loves being ‘The World’s Fattest Cat’.  That’s a title you can be proud of.”

Biggest Loser 5 airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST on NBC.