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Your innocent pet could wind up harboring a raging demon, ruining your happy home life. But if you know how to spot the seven warning signs that your pet is possessed, you can react quickly to minimize the damage:

1. Sudden Change in Behavior: An outgoing friendly pet becomes suddenly shy, depressed or hostile.

2. Sneakiness: Pet behaves while you’re watching, but becomes destructive when your back is turned.

3. Frenzy: Pet demonstrates extreme reactions to ordinary events, such as a dog who throws himself at the door, barking, scratching and howling when someone passes by in front of the house.

4. Malevolence: Pet seems to wish you or others in the household ill, often watching you in an unfriendly way.

5. Excitement at Misfortune: Pet becomes elated and overactive when something goes wrong in the household, as if he is enjoying the event.

6. Deterioration in Personal Habits
: Pet enjoys filth such as foul water, dirty food or waste. Appearance undergoes change for the worse.

7. Noisiness: A possessed pet will screech, howl and even scream. Noises increase over time and seem to have no logical cause.

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