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CHEYENNE, WY – Tourists often get more than they bargain for when they trek behind the walls of a historic Wyoming prison… they come face-to-face with the ghost of a long-dead ex-prisoner!


And those who have seen the eerie spirit swear it’s Butch Cassidy, infamous horse thief who was incarcerated for 18 months at the facility back in 1895-1896.

The spooky encounters take place in broad daylight in the former prison, now a popular attraction for tourists visiting Wyoming Territorial Park in Laramie.


“When I first saw that ghost, I think I jumped 10 feet in the air,” declared Bernie Myers, a sub-contractor now living in Sacramento, Calif.

“But after my heart started beating again, I recognized the ghost right off. It was Butch Cassidy. There’s no mistaking it… we saw his picture in the prison.”

The famed prison, the only one to ever hold Cassidy, closed its doors Feb. 14, 1901.

According to park staff member Mary Batenhorst, the bizarre ghost was also seen by Gerald Broussard, a park visitor from Whittier, Iowa.

That encounter came while he and other tourists were looking at a dead prisoner’s picture.

“Suddenly, Mr. Broussard felt a chill,” the staff member said.

“He told me he looked over his shoulder and saw a shadowy figure in prison stripes standing in the doorway. The prisoner extended his hand – then vanished.”

A man standing next to Broussard overheard him tell his wife about the ghost.

“The man said to Broussard, ‘Oh, good! You saw it, too,'” Miss Batenhorst said.

“I didn’t talk to the other man, but I think Mr. Broussard honestly believed he had seen a ghost.”