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BLANCO, TX – A taxidermist in Texas says he has the fresh corpse of a chupacabra in his possession!

Jerry Ayer, a teacher at the Blanco Taxidermy School, says a student of his was the one who initially found the chupacabra. “It got into his cousin’s barn and they thought maybe it was a rodent tearing stuff up, and they no idea since they’ve never seen it,” Ayers said. “He got out some poison and this is what they got the next day.”

While it looks similar to a local coyote, the legs are longer and its leather skin is extremely unnatural. The legendary chupacabra is rumored to inhabit Puerto Rico and Central America, although they have been spotted north of the Mexican border.

‘Chupacabra’ translates to ‘goatsucker’, as the creature is believed to drink blood from livestock. The goats’ are found dead, usually with a few puncture wounds found around the chest and throat, and completely drained of blood.

There have been a number of sightings over the years, even some corpses found, but the animals always turn out to be dogs or coyotes with severe cases of mange. Could that explain Ayer’s creature? Watch the video and decide for yourself: